Jed provides top notch training for reining, cow horse, and all around performance horse.
Our facility has 12 stalls available. Our arena is maintained with a Kiser drag. We also have an outdoor pen to enjoy the beautiful weather! We also have trails available as well as an Outdoor Track.

We are equipped with a new CowTrac II featuring the Bump technology, it is the newest and most up to date cow horse and cutting training system! We also have trail, Ranchmanship, and Ranch Riding obstacles available for use at our arena. 

The current rate is $800 per 30 days and includes standard care of your horse, hay, feed, and stall with bedding cleaned daily, and training. 

Lessons are $50, but one lesson per week is complimentary with a horse in training.

Weekend Rates are $25 per day
Mileage is $0.50 per mile

Commission is 10% of Sales

Jed received 40% of winnings or earnings

Please contact for details. 

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